Saturday, 3 September 2016

Rocking My World Friday..on a wet Saturday....Bank Holiday Double Issue

I fully intended to have this post up yesterday but to be honest I was feeling meh. Don't know why just was.

Anyhoo....on to the good stuff!

Much crafting has been done.....

More journal pages....

And one LO......

The sketch for this came from Carnets de Scrap and was a great way to use up the scraps of Basic Grey's "Max and Whiskers"...scraps are all I have left of this wonderful collection.

I'm working on a couple of mixed media canvases and........I've started my Christmas cards ....and (whisper it) my Christmas shopping.....

Other gratefuls...

A great night out seeing "Rock Stewart"....sadly the combination of dancing and heels meant I woke up last Saturday with a trapped nerve in my back....only thing to do was rest so I missed a theatre trip.....but I did get to see the Man Utd match... :)

Talking of TV...I have finally discovered Hochanda.....saw some of  Andy Skinner's shows and some Indigo Blu.....yet another place to buy crafty goodness....eek!!

Apart from Hochanda I am still only watching football and cricket.....I gather I'm missing out on the hotness that is Rufus Sewell.....sigh.

Strictly starts a new series this evening......Autumn is well and truly on the way.....

My reading for review continues....this week I have been promised a hardback copy of one of the books I reviewed for Netgalley (they liked the review and the fact that I said I'd buy it for friends or family) and another publisher has "auto approved" me....this means I have instant access to all their books on Netgalley....I'd love to say this was saving me money ....hah! I'm still buying books for my TBR pile is growing!

The pack continues to entertain me...Peanut was groomed this week and is looking very svelte....and the kittens are such fun...

Today we were supposed to be going to Sonfest (music festival) in one of Southport's parks ....but it's pouring down so the Meet Up has been cancelled.

Tomorrow is a canal walk followed by Sunday lunch in a pub....if it's still raining...we'll just go straight to the pub! lol

That's it for this to link up to Virginia....see you next time xx

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  1. Ah I love the straight to the pub - statement for tomorrow if it's raining - Craig says you have heard of waterproofs haven't you tee hee! Loving the crafting and the layout - beautiful! I also have caught up on a few hochanda shows recently (powertex) - thankfully I'm not yet addicted LOL!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead and hope that trapped nerve is sorted.

    Much love